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Everything but the Script: Professional Writing in the Entertainment Industry introduces readers to the lesser known yet critically important forms of writing within the industry. The book offers insight into how these “hidden” but potentially lucrative writing practices determine the way in which creative work is understood, discussed, and “processed” as a potential sale or green light, as well as the role it plays in the development and marketing of a project. 

The book is divided into two main sections that mirror the filmmaking process. The first section covers acquisition, development, and preproduction; the second is devoted to production, distribution, and exhibition. Readers learn how to create an effective synopses, draft productive critical comments for script coverage, develop and refine story notes to help writers progress from draft to draft, write effective pitch letters to potential collaborators, and generate dynamic written materials to support a successful publicity campaign. 

Drawing from the author’s extensive experience within the entertainment industry, Everything but the Script is an excellent resource for courses and programs in film and media studies.Type your paragraph here.